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Fortunately and unfortunately, I recently got a chance to write a rejection letter to a potential employer. It could be just a piece of cake for you guys. But come on, I am a new graduate, I didn’t get a lot of  previous experiences to say “NO” to all the fancy companies and big titles.

I don’t want to be rude in my letter, of course, and I don’t want the boss to read my letter and think “thank god this girl didn’t take the offer”, that’s for sure too. What else don’t I want? Well, I try to  avoid being obnoxious, I say no cliché, and I don’t like to sound too humble. I mean, humble enough to show my respect and sincerity, but without expressing that “I am such a fool to reject your great company and wonderful offer”.

And there is another thing I have to confess – I kind of wanting the boss to still like me and to feel a little bit sad of not having me. (oh yes, by reading this post you are awarded an one-way ticket to the land of narcissism and a free chance to get goose bumps).

So, in order to accomplish all the mentioned above, I finally came out with a strategy to reject an unwanted job as if to reject an unwanted relationship; to say no to a boss as if to say no to an admirer.

I found this method helpful because its inner analogies work.  A potential employer and an admirer, the two just have a lot in common:

  1. they both like you.
  2. they both want to develop a relationship with you.
  3. they will not just disappear after you rejecting them, so there are big chances they are going to influence your future life.
  4. in many cases, you like them too, so you don’t want them to get hurt or to start hating you. And to be honest, even if there is really nothing going at the moment,  you may still want to save a rain check for the unknown future.