My very first remixed video: We didn’t steal our heroes, we created them

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
  1. Brilliant! I love your idea. And, it made such a great point about the ideas of our future building on the dreams of the past. I know having actual nighttime dreams about flying is rather common, and I suppose having daydreams of flying are just as common. It’s interesting where nighttime dreams, daydreams, popular culture and reality intersect. I also enjoyed the contrast between what we were seeing from different time periods and Sinatra’s crooner vioce.

  2. This is good — you have a concrete idea, and you have illustrated it. Nice work!

  3. tinamomo says:

    I think your video really communicate the message that our effort today is actually built on what’s accumulated in the past. Luckily, the scientific knowledges, the greatest philosophies don’t charge anything, or we wouldn’t have such a prosperous society. But in defense of the intellectual property, the owners should be credited for their creations, if not money.

  4. I really like the concept of your video – that we can builld on the ideas of others. I remember learning about copyright as an undergrad and being told that you can copyright an idea but not the expression of an idea. So while I couldn’t use Superman as my own idea I can build on that idea but express it in an original way. Like the title of your post suggests, building on the ideas of others isn’t stealing, unless you copy their idea!

  5. luckymaggie says:

    I was thinking this during the class discussion: if I agree with someone’s wonderful idea, or I generate similar idea by seeing or hearing other’s opinion, is that kind of stealing? I don’t think so. Your illustration is really impressive and the idea of “fly” reminds me of the famous saying by Newton: Newton saw further because he stood on the shoulders of giants. We always build the current contribution on the basis of previous efforts. That is, I agree with the idea in RIP film, culture relies on the past. I think people cannot be highly creative if s/he is isolated from the world. If this is the case, his or her creation might be worthless eventually.

  6. ltn0913 says:

    I enjoyed watching your video, love your idea! It’s true that we don’t know where did the idea that human can fly come out first, but based on that idea, we created many heroes. I think it’s like composing music, composers are not stealing the notes, they are rearranging or remixing notes to make them sound pleasant in a certain order, and then we get great songs and other kinds of music. Like in the radio A Remixer’s Manifesto that “everything came from something else, it’s a chain reaction.”

  7. Very interesting! The idea of flying is such a persistant image in our culture. We literally dream about it, and invest those dreams with meanings. We associate it with angels and mythical creatures and the emotions and beliefs those recall for us; we’ve given it moral value in tales like that of Icarus. As you show here, so many of our superheroes fly because that allows them freedom and ability and potential and captures our fascination. And there have been so many flying inventions over the years, and surely many of the early ones didn’t have strict patents – if they did, we wouldn’t have been able to innovate so much and reach the level of flight we have now, which moves closer and closer to a long tradition of science fiction – traveling in space. The idea transfers through so many people and forms – it persists for a reason. Remixing highlights those things we have in common with each other and want to share and build upon – if we couldn’t do that, we’d have no progress. And as you point out so well, no heroes.

  8. Carol says:

    I like your video very much. It related to the idea of “whether the culture (idea) is being remixed, re-used, or pirated the whole time. “ Nobody knows the idea of “hero” was originated from whom; even the “old heroes” like Spiderman or Superman are also products of the “piracy.” Therefore, how can we define what originality is? How can we define who is the “first” hero?

  9. chentingchen says:

    Love your idea and video so much! It is true that there are tons of products, ideas, technology and even culture are based on others’ ideas. However, no one would say that is “stealing.” Some ideas may be kind of “tinder” which can cause a blaze in any field. We will never know what effect will be ignited by the “stealing” behavior if we use “copyright” to restrain anything. To define the degree and draw the line of “copyright” are really hard is controversial. Perhaps “time” is the best way to judge if an idea is creativity or piracy.

  10. Excellent, excellent video. Love the song choice by the way. Your point is absolutely wonderful. If the first person to conceive of human flight had decided to copyright it, we would not have such inspirational figures to ponder upon or look up to. I particularly like the way that you use comic book heroes in your videos. I always consider the best way to look at comics is to consider them as archetypes. Their is an attitude and set of attributes that is Batman, but not necessarily a core, continuous canon. That being said, why can’t someone like me think of a context in which the ideals of Batman will truly shine in a creative way. It would be the equivalent of copyrighting the Greek or Norse gods.

  11. morganyang says:

    It’s really nice express of your idea. After seeing your remixed video, I have realized that almost all heros characteristics are “stole” from each other. This is the new things that I have never thought before. Even “heros” that symbolized American spirit are the outcomes of “Remix” culture. And this idea can extend and weave into the basic remix idea of knowledge.

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