Media diary six

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Morning Gators! (Greeting the gators on this post was the only homecoming-related activity I did today)

I got up round 8: 00 in the morning. Inside my apartment it was dark and outside quite. As age increases, I am gradually losing the ability to lie-in in the morning (sign). From 8: 30 to 15: 30, I have been working continuously on my project on the laptop. The subject of the project is an international event hosted annually by a city in China. And in those six hours, I was trying to identify major stakeholders of the event and make a SWOT analysis. Such task was tough since a lot of important information were either undocumented or unavailable through Internet. I dug as many online resources as I could to look for information. For instant, I visited websites of statistic bureaus at city, provincial, and national level to seek the city’s national GDP rankings. I found myself super annoying when writing the paper, because each time I couldn’t find what I wanted, I blamed either the institutions or the researchers who were supposed to have such information (never thought of blaming myself, haha).

After six hours’ typing the keyboard and staring at the screen, I finally got a conclusion: Internet may not be the headspring of accurate information, but it’s definitely the headspring of backache. Therefore, to relieve the side effect of Internet, my roommate and I decided to take a walk to the Asian supermarket (the one that sells persimmons), and at the entrance once again encountered some copies of Korean newspapers.

During dinner, I watched a Taiwan entertaining talk show on PPS. In the episode, the two hosts were interviewing a very famous local TV program producer who just got his book published. I then googled the producer and read some articles that had been included in the new book on his blog. One scene depicted in an article was amusing: for days, the producer’s elder daughter has kept asking him to take her to the Disneyland in Tokyo. The producer told her what she did was just childish, and here came her reply: “if you don’t want me to be childish then you have to take me to the Disneyland, so that I can finally move on from my childhood without regret.” That’s reasonable, take her!

Around 21:30, my friends in China were began to wake up and logged on their MSNs, so I chatted with them for a while. Development of technology has taught us the skill of multitasking. At the time, I was talking to four friends with totally different topics while browsing microblogs on Sina. Look, a Lebanese architect named Nadim karam has built “the cloud” in Dubai. What? The cloud? But wait a minute, such thing happened in Dubai. And when we hear the key word Dubai, we know it is of course another resort.  

Oh, and I forgot to mention I checked Hotmail several times during the day.

  1. Hm, I wonder whether you should have e-mailed some people involved in the event and asked them directly. Sometimes the best way to get an answer is from a personal contact.

    “Internet may not be the headspring of accurate information, but it’s definitely the headspring of backache.” Ha ha!

    Dubai is such a crazy place. I have only been in the airport there (to change planes), but I learned that many Russians take special shopping flights (very cheap) just to go there and go shopping.

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