Media diary four

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Getting up around 8:00, posting Tuesday’s media diary, checking my UF webmail, checking my Hotmail…Every Wednesday, I kind of go through a chaotic morning. I have two classes today—this class and another one named “Corporate social responsibility” starting at 10:40, so I try to make sure everything is OK before leaving the house. I’m not really a work-at-school person, so I seldom bring the laptop with me when I have class, which means I have a light backpack but may not have another chance to check emails from 10:00 to 18:00 during the day (And in a world free of internet, one hour equals one year, you know that-:). I have been struggling for a quite long time if I need to get a smart phone, but I am just so happy with the current one which is cute, small, pink but “stupid”.

During the school hour, I had a chance to look at a table on my friend’s laptop. The table showed that among Chinese youngsters (aged from 12 to 17) YouTube was in the third place in terms of media consumption in 2009. We both wondered how the survey had been done since people in China can no longer log on YouTube. Did they happen to sample the kids who were experts on “wall-climbing” software?  

As soon as I got home, I checked Webmail and Hotmail, finding an email forwarded to me from my mom. That’s rare. I opened the email and saw this amazing photo. It was taken near Mara River in Kenya by a friend of my mom who is now travelling with her husband in Africa. In the photo, hundreds of thousands of cows are trying to cross the Mara River. And below the picture, that friend said the real scenery was muuuuch more impressive.   

It was 19:10 when I finished my dinner. I left comments on WordPress to three other classmates and posted the links. I also watched the YouTube clip about Liu Xiaobo. It was very sarcastic that for years we’ve been waiting for a Chinese to win Nobel Prize, now we actually have one, but the government didn’t like it. Later, I called my grandpa through cell phone to let him know I was sound and healthy. Although most of time there is really nothing to talk about, he still wants me to call so that he knows I am not sick or anything. I try to call him more frequently, but sometimes I just forget (sorry, grandpa…).

I felt I was about to fall asleep at 21:40. But I guess nowadays going to bed before 22:00 doesn’t make much sense any more (I didn’t fully understand the reason though). So I watched an episode of The Apprentice on PPS. In the new season, the candidates of the show are finally ordinary people again rather than celebrities. I preferred it this way, because sometimes the celebrities in the previous shows just didn’t care about winning or losing.

  1. You wrote: “in a world free of internet, one hour equals one year” – Ha ha!

    If you had a smartphone, I think you would LOVE it …

    That photo _IS_ amazing — but they are not cows; they are wildebeest (a kind of antelope):

  2. Howdy there, are you having difficulties with the hosting? I needed to refresh the page about huge number of times in order to get the page to run!

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