Media diary five

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is Thursday, a day without any class! I got up around 8:30, turning on my computer and posting yesterday’s media diary. An article on the WordPress homepage caught my attention—“Talk to me, Anderson Cooper”. I was neither familiar with nor interested in this person before yesterday. I knew he was a journalist and somebody in CNN, but that’s it. However, after yesterday’s class, my interest in him has grown a little. There was certain tension when his name was brought up during the class discussion; I felt that he must be one of those controversial figures whom people either love or hate. Anyway, I followed that link and here came the first sentence of that post:” I think Anderson Cooper is one smart, foxy dude. I don’t actually watch his show, but I still enjoy seeing his baby blues when I flip by en route to an irresistible re-run of What Not To Wear. I also have a friend whose husband looks exactly like him. I mean, seriously, he could be AC’s lost twin.” Ok…I lost my interest.

After breakfast, I wrote an email on Webmail to ask a professor if she could be my committee member. She was kind of hesitating when I made such request last time. Hope this email would work. I spent the rest of the morning and a little time in afternoon finishing the blog post for next week. It took me a while to find an online nonpartisan political activism organization whose website was sophisticated enough (by sophisticated I meant not ugly). I would like to save my findings here since they were going to be in my upcoming post.

I chatted with my cousin on MSN from 14:00 to 15:00. She is right now studying in London, majoring in Urbanology. I have been really interested in what she has studied because her major just sounds much cooler than mine (please excuse my shallowness). She told me that it was really hard to compete with students from EU countries, since most of the courses that she was taking were very Europe-oriented. Well, at least London is a fun place to live and travel, so generally speaking she enjoyed her life there. Before dinner, I browsed on Google to find some inspirations for the research paper of CSR class. We were supposed to have a proposal before next Wednesday but up till now I have nothing to propose about.

In the evening, I spent some time on RenRen (a Chinese version of Facebook), finding out a friend of mine from primary school just got married. OMG, am I stepping into the ages when classmates and friends begin to get married and have babies? I guess so. We are not kids anymore, and it made me sad in a sense. I then browsed some news websites. Just several hours ago, a military band in Norway played an unidentified song instead of Switzerland’s national anthem at the welcome ceremony for the Swiss president. Such thing happens…

Before going to sleep, I checked my UF Webmail again, and there was the reply from the professor, she finally agreed to be on my committee!

  1. Ah, it seems now you have been “primed” to notice Anderson Cooper. (I still do not think he is all that handsome.)

    Maybe something you saw while searching for an online nonpartisan political activism organization could help you have an idea for your CSR class … ?

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