Media diary three

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

The first thing I did in the morning was finishing the media diary for yesterday and posted it on WordPress. I then changed some settings of the other blog I have, also on WordPress. Several days ago, when I logged on Myspace, there was a notice saying they were moving all of their blogs to WordPress. What? I love Myspace! But I guess WordPress is not that bad since I’ve been using it for a while in this class. So, I click the “yes” button to the “Will you” request, without much resistance. However, after I had done that, I was kind of regret. Witnessing all my posts disappearing on the website, I wondered if I had compromised too easily. Anyway, all my posts are on WordPress now. The blog is much less fancy than the one on Myspace, since everything in the settings (i.e.,color palette, theme, font, etc. ) is in default. It will take me a while to rebuild.

Since the last assignment, I decided to become a regular audience of The Daily Show. I kind of like the hosting style of Jon Steward, and there is nothing wrong to gain some political shrewdness. Although based on the article we were assigned watching political parody may not be the smartest option. I learned from the show that some congressional candidate was caught by news media wearing Nazi uniform. How can that ever happen to a temporary political figure?

I spent the rest of the morning working on my project, doing editing and proofreading, so that I could take it to my advisor this afternoon (Every Tuesday I meet with my project advisor to brief him on the weekly progress I’ve made on the project. He will then edit my writings and give comments and advice).

Two other media uses before setting out: a) logging on BOA online banking to check my monthly balance; b) logging on UF Webmail to check and send emails.

It was around 15:00 when I finished the meeting with my advisor and headed to an Asian supermarket. I tried to read the newspaper left on the counter when I was waiting to check out, but it was in Korean…However, I was lucky enough to find some very fresh persimmons right before check-out. I wouldn’t have noticed them if I understood Korean, because in that case I would be too focused on the newspaper.  


After finishing dinner plus two persimmons, I tried to read some articles for a class in tomorrow morning, but I was just too full to finish a sentence. So I decided to surf the internet for a while, without expecting to absorb more food-related information. One of the articles I encountered was talking about how to eat healthily by playing the magic of numbers. It suggested that a healthy person each day should intake one fruit, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, three serves of staple, four plates of vegetables, five serves of protein, six grams of salt, seven seasonings, and eight glasses of water. Well, I guess one need to be really good at math to live a health live. I spent the rest of the evening working on the assigned readings, and I found them less hard after I digested the food article.

  1. “How can that ever happen to a temporary political figure?” I think you meant “contemporary.” And I agree with you — what was he thinking? Something similar happened to Prince Harry a few years ago. It’s just not OK to dress like a Nazi.

    Mm, the local persimmons will be here very soon! I think these were probably shipped from far away.

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