Media diary two

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s 8:16 in the morning. I woke up 20 minutes ago, felt so starved. Now I’m full and satisfied. Because in the past 20 minutes, I ate up a steamed bun, sipped up a box of milk coffee, and finished and uploaded my first media diary.

I spent the morning reading articles that will be later discussed during my 12:50 class on the laptop. Before starting to read, I logged in Saikai to upload a response paper for the same class, and sent a copy of it to my UF Webmail, so that I could print it out and hand in the paper version to the professor. The readings I read were about issue of “unpublishing”. One of the articles provides journalists alternatives to unpublish a story, which I found useful. The other two articles discussed privacy invasion by news media. Before I set out for school, I logged on hotmail and found an alert from Facebook saying that a friend has left me a message.

[During the class, we watched a short YouTube video about Google and China]

It was around 17:30 when I got home. I logged on t.Sina to freshen my mind. I was hungrier when I saw the photo of a plate of piping hot Shengjian (pan-fried bun stuffed with pork) uploaded by a friend in China, subtitled “yummy!” Burning with jealousy, I immediately shut down the window and went to prepare my less yummy dinner (well, it was not exactly the case, I did staring at the photo of Shengjian for a couple of seconds).

After diner, I wrote an email on Webmail to update my presentation partner in another class about the case we were going to use. Then I made several modifications to a research paper proposal I was working on. I logged on Facebook to reply to the message my friend left me. It was nothing important, just one of those small talks. She has been enrolled in an U.N. intern program and is in New York right now. We psychologically feel that we are closer now, at least we are in the same country, so we get to talk more often through phone and MSN. Around 21:00, I logged on RenRen (A Chinese version of Facebook) to see what’s new with my friends.

 Midnight, shutting down the laptop, I felt I wasn’t fully in the mood of sleeping. So I read a few pages of Eat, pray, love, which my friends in China had strongly recommended.

  1. Your friend was very mean to send you that photo of Shengjian, and you were very mean to post it in your blog (just kidding). I really wish we had one good Chinese restaurant in Gainesville.

    Are you reading Eat, Pray, Love in English or in Chinese? I’m curious! I read it a couple of years ago. I liked the book, but I was not interested in seeing the movie version. I think you are only the second student in all the media diaries who is reading a book for fun.

    • Sijia says:

      The book is in English. I bought it to kill time when I was travelling in Philadelphia this summer. Computers are fantastic, but reading is still fun, and some books are just too good to miss.^-^

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